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Alpine Mountaineering

Hobby of mountaineering MountaineeringĀ is a particular hobby enjoyed in all seasons which comes under the category of extreme sports. It is a craze amongst many people to go for a mountaineering excursion in different mountainous locations of the world. There are some tips which must be followed throughout, to make the trip of mountaineering adventurous […]

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Mountaineering require skill and concentration

Mountaineering can be described as one of the most dangerous outdoor sports. It requires great stamina and perfect physical well being for any mountain climber. Before starting this sport, you should practice exercise indoors on different walls to enhance their gripping power and rope climbing techniques. This enables you to go on a mountaineering excursion […]

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Camping, Hiking and Mountaineering

Camping if combined with outdoor activities like mountaineering, hiking, rock climbing or other extreme outdoor sports, can be a great way of getting involved with the Mother Nature. While managing any outdoor trips it is very important to plan accordingly, keeping in mind the weather conditions and your vacation time. So it is important to […]

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