Hiking is also a sport which requires a great stamina and physical fitness. Hiking and trekking somewhat come together and can be described as the same category. Now we will here describe that what basically hiking is and the other useful tips and information which will help in hiking ventures. Hiking basically can be described as walking leisurely on different terrains it can be mountainous, plain or different light rocky regions. It is a natural way of exercising and increasing your over all stamina.

This type of exercising is quite convenient and economical as it requires no exercise machinery or equipment. A hiker can walk according to his stamina or exercise time period freely and here the walking distance matters more, then reaching a particular destination. You can plan hiking trips on different vacations or weekends with your friends or different family members who are also keen of hiking. Many people combine hiking with camping and they plan their trip accordingly. Depending on their time period and determination people also plan long trips of hiking and camping. They need to plan their trip carefully as they to keep in mind the weather conditions and the time limit which they can manage for the hiking trip. Hiking is nowadays becoming very popular light sport with people of different ages.

Hiking can be referred to as the basic sport towards extreme sports such as; camping, mountaineering, navigation skills, rock climbing and many other extreme outer sports. All these sports require you to be physically and mentally fit. There are various stages where you have to show maximum endurance, concentration and strength. When you are going for hiking as a group of different people, there can b a number of different issues. These issues can be lack of coordination, lack of motivation or might be some issues of poor planning. If you are going for hiking trip for the first time, you need to take along an experienced hiker who will also serve as a guide.

Most of the people who go for hiking trips are basically fond of nature or are keen about their physical fitness and well being. When people plan a camping trip they want to experience the outdoor life and also want to explore nature. It is also an escape from the hectic daily routine which enables you to relax your mind and work out freely. Benefits of hiking • Hiking is an economical way of doing very light exercise but still it is effective. You can manage the time of hiking yourself and chalk out the exact time of exercising by the means of walking simply. • Hiking venture provides unique opportunity to explore different aspects of nature. You can plan hiking plus camping trips to visit different beautiful places. You can discover animals, birds, plants and different flowers. You can plan a hiking trip in any attractive mountainous region, an island, a forest, a desert, particular beaches or any other significant terrain.

Hiking is a sport which will make you learn a lot also. It will give you information of different natural elements, fitness, camping basics and much more. You can plan the hiking trip in any season of your interest or desire. • It is a great way of relaxing and taking your time off strenuous routine. • It offers great opportunity to experience benefits of physical fitness and camping outdoors. • Through hiking you are able to explore new dimensions of life and can experience extreme fun, adventure and thrill all together. Hiking can be related as great sport, which will enable you to focus on different new things and apply them later in your practical life.