People choose different mountains for the purpose of mountaineering, these different mountainous terrains can be; icy slopes, rugged mountains, plain mountains or any other stony slopes. The major risk which comes in the way of mountaineering is losing one’s grip or foot. It can lead to fatal injuries or even death so a mountain climber has to bear high level of care in this matter. People who are fond of mountaineering find this sport very exciting. They do a lot of researching related to mountaineering directly. They also learn about different mountain types and mountainous locations which are suitable for mountaineering. Having an appropriate mountaineering gear is also essential to make the mountaineering trip an adventurous one. Below is given a brief detail on the essential mountaineering equipment.

Proper clothing is required, to carry out your mountaineering trip comfortably and efficiently. It also depends on the type of terrain or weather conditions, where you are mountaineering. In tough and cold weather conditions, you need to have ample clothing to prevent frost bite or other injuries. While in hot climate you need to carry the minimum and the most essential clothing wear only. In case of rain you need special shell layer insulation; this will also protect you from dust and cold wind.

Rock climbing foot wear

Rock climbing shoes/boots are basically used for climbing and crossing different rough terrains. These shoes come with high cuts and have additional padding and sole which gives your ankle a firm support. Rock climbing shoes have special soles, which are quite tough and provide a comfortable support to your feet while you are rock climbing. These shoes are must to protect and support your feet.

Special mountaineering foot wear

These are the specially designed shoes for mountaineering. These shoes provide you a firm grip on rocks and minimize the chances of slipping and losing your grip. It is essential because losing your foot grip can lead to severe injury or can even cost you your life. These shoes are made of any tough fabric which is also weather resistant. It means that in different harsh conditions your feet remain protected. These mountaineering shoes come in high cut which provides ample support to your feet. This minimizes the chances of any ankle injuries or sprain. As these mountaineering shoes have a high cut, they surround your feet tightly and prevent any dust or rain drops from entering.

Technical gear

Without proper technical gear you cannot carry out your mountaineering venture comfortably. If you are mountaineering in snow, you need to carry a handy shovel with you to dig out small pieces of snow to increase your grip. A strong nylon rope is also very important on which you have to hang, as this is your only support on the mountain. There are tough nylon ropes available for this purpose, which can hold you tightly and firmly while mountaineering. Crampons and ice axes also play a vital role, as you need to manage a firm support or grip while you are mountaineering.

Other essential things can be medical kits or ample supply of water which is necessary to keep you hydrated. You can also carry a torch light or grip gloves which will support you while mountaineering. You also need to cover your knees and head properly before going for mountaineering as this will save you from injuries. There are also special mountaineering gears and kits available, which will help you during rock climbing.