Mountaineering can be described as one of the most dangerous outdoor sports. It requires great stamina and perfect physical well being for any mountain climber. Before starting this sport, you should practice exercise indoors on different walls to enhance their gripping power and rope climbing techniques. This enables you to go on a mountaineering excursion and climb with the help of a climbing rope. After learning these basic techniques there are still, many guidelines which a mountain climber must adopt. These are necessary for the safety of the mountain climber.

People fond of mountaineering are basically people who can give proper concentration while climbing. At any stage of mountaineering you have to make sure that you adopt all the necessary safety measures to avoid any injuries. Mountaineering takes your physical fortitude and capabilities to extreme limits. Most of the mountain climbers go alone for mountaineering and they have to manage different difficulties themselves. You have to bear an excellent degree of patience, to reach the top of the mountain after many hours of rock climbing.